Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blog Awards!!!

Ok I'm Kinda new to this whole blogging thing. The last few months have been so much fun! I have been introduced to so many new food blogs with amazing recipes and pictures that make you want to take a bite out of your monitor. I am constantly amazed at how many amazing food blogs there are out there. You can imagine my surprise a few weeks ago when Dee over at Deelicious Sweets gave Me a blog award! I was so excited! First off I hadn't really even heard of blog awards. Second I love Dee's blog so this was a huge compliment! This is such a fun little thing to do and a great way to get to know knew blogs. Thanks again Dee!

Ok so this is how it works, as an acceptor of this award I must tell 7 things about myself. Here you go:

  1. I am a newlywed (8 months baby!!)
  2. I love small things, you know like the little travel size things you get at grocery stores and in hotels. I have little tiny bottles of ketchup, mayonnaise, syrup, and honey and I love them!
  3. I love fire!!!! I like being in charge of starting the campfire and using lots of lighter fluid. I think this scares my husband :).
  4. I am new to having nieces and nephews and my 2 year old nephew has recently learned my name and I think it is THE CUTEST thing to hear him come up to me and call me by name. I just love it!
  5. I am very ticklish.
  6. I am a sucker for good chick flicks.
  7. I like cats, I know so many people either love them or hate them, but I like them. We don't actually own any, but maybe one day just might have one.
Now I get to pass this award onto 15 other bloggers.

  1. L-Mo cooks and reads
  2. Everyday Kitchen Aid
  3. Wilde in the kitchen
  4. The Caffeinated Globe
  5. All that's left are crumbs
  6. Fragrant Vanilla Cake
  7. Frieda Loves Bread
  8. Forever Now and Then
  9. Gingerbread Bagels
  10. Runs with Spatulas
  11. A Spicy Perspective
  12. The Sister's Cafe
  13. Our Best Bites
  14. Desserts For Two
  15. I Wash You Dry
This is just a small group of blogs that I frequent, there are so many more that I also love. Thanks for all the great recipes!


  1. You are the best. Thank you so much.

  2. Well deserved :) #2 and 3 made me crack up!

  3. You're so sweet- thanks for thinking of us!

  4. You're sweet-thanks! :)

    I would post 7 facts about me on my site, but I did something similar on my site a few months ago. Thanks so much for thinking of me though :)

  5. Congrats on the award! Since I only started blogging about a month ago, it's encouraging to know that newbies can do it too!

  6. Thanks for the award! I'm so glad you've enjoyed The Sisters Cafe! Your blog looks scruptious. I enjoyed reading the seven things about you. I love how enthusiastic you are! That's too funny about making your husband nervous when you are in charge of the fire:)

  7. Thanks so much for the award, that is so sweet of you! It means a lot to me :)!

  8. Thanks for the award! Your blog is absolutely cute, and full of great recipes!! I am a new follower ;)

  9. Aw thank you so much for including me in your list of awards! I am so very honored!